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Boy Luxxia // Carla Majora
♢ Queen of the Glass Palace ♢ Born 1995 ♢ Living in Asian Tropical Paradise ♢ Multimedia Arts Student / Aspiring Electronic Musician
@Love Majora : facebook.com/CarlaMajoraArt

This blog is 50% transparent
Used to be "a-suspicious-link" & "pretty-boy-link"
[ pretty-boy-luxx 1.0 deactivated || sept 2012 ~ apr 2014 ]
- You're now viewing 2.0! -

… tbh tho my url doesn’t make sense and I kinda wanna change it for months already but i just don’t know what to replace it with. Like yeah it doesn’t make sense but i’ve been using it for so long already that I kinda stick with it.