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Boy Luxxia // Carla Majora
♢ Queen of the Glass Palace ♢ Born 1995 ♢ Living in Asian Tropical Paradise ♢ Multimedia Arts Student / Aspiring Electronic Musician / Kraftwerk Fanatic
@Love Majora : facebook.com/CarlaMajoraArt

This blog is 50% transparent
Used to be "a-suspicious-link" & "pretty-boy-link"
[ pretty-boy-luxx 1.0 deactivated || sept 2012 ~ apr 2014 ]
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this is a both good and terrible day


seriously if my uni’s hair policy changed and I can finally have bright colored hair, I would so go blonde next sem

ahahaha… fuck, I strangely feel both high and down tonight

god I love 70s japan, david’s voice is just so sexual haha